Do you find writing content frustrating?

Writing content can be complicated! And quite frankly, it can take up a lot of your precious time. Agonising over what needs to be said, what social media content is going to engage with your followers, are your emails going to be read, what content will connect your brand to your buyers?

Behind a great brand is great content that engages your audience and stimulates their desire to be better, live better and have more. They interact with your product and brand, in the hope that it will offer exactly what they are searching for – at a level they trust.

To effectively be able to market your brand digitally, a connection needs to be made between brand and buyer. A connection that occurs through images and words.

This is the part where I love to step in – the connection. I love to help your brand empathise with your audience and to begin to understand their challenges and what they need as customers. This foundation allows for the creation of custom content, digital campaigns and solutions for your business and buyer.

Do you have an idea in mind, but just can’t quite find the words or the time? Or you have the words, but to write them down becomes a great challenge. Is there an email needing to be written, or a newsletter needing some attention?

Working into the UK, USA and Australia – I love content that will connect your business to the world, making a difference one written word at a time.

How may I help YOU?

What are people saying?

Claire is a truly amazing writer, she can tackle any subject matter and has an engaging and friendly style. Hiring Claire is the best business decision you will ever make.

Tanya Schemmer

Business Owner, HG Namibia

Claire has been an absolute godsend for our business, she is incredibly professional, creative and flexible. Our online presence has gotten stronger and we are able to focus on other parts of the business with her taking over this important part. We would highly recommend her.

Emma Litke

Chef, Business Owner, Street Kitchen Cafe

I love to put goodness back into the world, with words.

How i can help


Blog Articles

Intended to educate your reader. Blogs can be story based, or focused on keywords for SEO, They are an opportunity to tell a story.

Website Content

Your website needs to hold the attention of your reader, or they will simply click off and head to whatever else interests them.

Social Media Copy

The unique chance a business has to connect with potential readers and show them your story. It is an opportunity to stand out.


Ghostwriters can be hired for many tasks, but essentially to create content that can be ethically claimed, modified and republished as your own. 


The words are in your head, but putting pen to paper has you hitting a blank? Send me your voice recording, and I’ll put the words down for you.


The extra confidence that you need to ensure your content is grammatically correct and consistent.

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