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I am An online content creation expert.

Copy by Claire is a unique business that connects your brand to your buyer, through the art of story. 

People want to work with people, they want to connect with a business that takes the time to understand their journey. If you are looking for content that will connect your brand to the right audience, and tell your story – then working with us will be an amazing journey. The average person will only spend 7 seconds looking at your brand, depending on how they felt when they saw your advertisement. Once those 7 seconds are gone, that person makes a decision that will decide if they become a lead, or add to your bounce rate.

Your website and social media content need to reflect your message and create connection between buyer and brand. 


Claire is a truly amazing writer, she can tackle any subject matter and has an engaging and friendly style. Hiring Claire is the best business decision you will ever make.

Tanya Schemmer

Business Owner, HG Namibia

Claire has been an absolute godsend for our business, she is incredibly professional, creative and flexible. Our online presence has gotten stronger and we are able to focus on other parts of the business with her taking over this important part. We would highly recommend her.

Emma Litke

Chef, Business Owner, Street Kitchen Cafe

How i can help


Blog Articles

Intended to educate your reader. Blogs can be story based, or focused on keywords for SEO, They are an opportunity to tell a story.

Website Content

Your website needs to hold the attention of your reader, or they will simply click off and head to whatever else interests them.

Social Media Copy

The unique chance a business has to connect with potential readers and show them your story. It is an opportunity to stand out.


Ghostwriters can be hired for many tasks, but essentially to create content that can be ethically claimed, modified and republished as your own. 

Social Management

A chance to share your story and connect across all of your social media platforms. Includes LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Google My Business.


The extra confidence that you need to ensure your content is grammatically correct and consistent.

About Me

Ever the humanist and ever the writer. What does one begin to say about themselves really? I went to Varsity, studied and then became something completely different. Strange how it happens, but I’ve found the thing I am good at and love doing. 

My passion is to uplift SME’s in their business journey, through connection and lead generation. People want to work with people, not companies. I help you to create a voice and a persona that people are drawn to, and feel they can’t walk away from. 

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