Blog Articles

A blog creates brand awareness whilst providing content that is relevant and useful to your target audience.


Website Content

Your website needs to hold the attention of your reader, or they will simply click off and head to whatever else interests them. 


Social Media Copy

The unique chance a business has to connect with potential readers and show them your story. It is an opportunity to stand out.



Ghostwriters can be hired for many tasks, but essentially to create content that can be ethically claimed, modified and republished as your own. 

Social Management

A chance to share your story and connect across all of your social media platforms



The extra confidence that you need to ensure your content is grammatically correct and consistent.


Blog Articles

There are many powerful benefits to adding a blog to your marketing strategy. It creates brand awareness, whilst providng content that is relevant and useful, to your target audience.

The demands of consumers are ever changing, and a blog allows for a business to adapt along with their customers. To be above the rest, a business needs to have a strong online footprint so that they can communicate and engage with their customers. Whilst there are many ways to ensure your online presence is making an impact, blogging is a less expensive option and allows for content to be stored as a resource for new customers. 

Blog articles offer fresh content that search engines can index, giving potential buyers a higher chance of finding your product. Many businesses struggle with blog posts because of the level of skill they take to write and the time frame to create them. When a blog post is engaging and relevant to your reader, it captures their interest and creates a connection between buyer and brand. 

website content

Your website needs to hold the attention of your reader, or they will simply click off and head to whatever else interests them.

The internet has become overwhelmed with businesses trying to draw in visitors, hoping to make customers. Capturing their attention can be really tough, which is why your website content needs to be optimised, keeping it at the top of search engines and engaging your readers. 

For this, we run full checks on your competitors as well as your own social presence, to gauge exactly where you stand and how we can put you first on the podium.

Are visitors to your website sticking around? Are they engaging with your content and signing up for newsletters? You may have an incredible product, but it is the content strategy that is going to make your sales. Writing effective content can be challenging because persuading a perfect stranger to make a purchase based on your words alone is tricky. The value of what you are selling needs to be clear from the beginning.

social media copy

Social Media is an amazing opportunity to show customers that you care. We live in a society where buyers want to know how they can benefit from your service, not what you have to offer them. 

Your visitors need to know that you are not all about you and showing them how great you are, but you are about them and showing them how great they can be if you work together. They need to know that they count, that they are valued and that the money they have worked so hard for, will go to a place that will give them a return.

Once they know they can trust you, that they like you – well then they become customers. And if you look after your customers, they will look after you and your business. Rapport. It is important.

No matter what concept or service you are selling, you’re ultimately wanting to draw customers to you brand, the one that will encourage their dreams, relax their fears, confirm what they hope for and help them to be better for it.


Ghostwriting may sound like a strange term, but it really is all around us. The action of ghostwriting is to create a text or content, and let the customer put their name on it. This means Content Factory does not take any credit for the work at all, in fact we make no mention of it being ours. The person that comissions the work will have full rights to the text, and can modify or republish it in an ethical manner. 

Ghostwriters can be hired for many reasons, from a business being short of time to a person with a story to tell but they just don’t enjoy writing. 

Ghostwriting may sound like an odd term but really it happens all the time. Some of the greatest writers have hired ghostwriters to complete their works for them. The action of ghostwriting is to create a text or content and the customer signs their name on it. This means you get the credit and have full rights to the text.


social management

If you put your heart and soul into your work and are not getting the results you were hoping for, it can be something as simple as changing a few words or better engaging with your audience. What we do from this point is take a look at your social media pages, websites and overall presence and see what can be enhanced and adapted to fit current trends and ever changing markets.

Gone are the days of a static article or post, now people want more and more information and they want it to be relevant. Hiring us as your Social Manager ensures that you are getting the best results from the your online footprint.


Editing is what occurs when a first draft has been written. It is the process of assessing whether the work is well written or not, and where changes need to be made. There are a few aspects that are covered under editing, including the content, clarity, style, the overall structure and the structure within each paragraph. 

Proofreading is the process of working with content after the editing phase, and consists of looking deeply at the text for errors, before it is approved. This includes looking at spelling, grammar and punctuation as well as the overall sense of the content being written. 

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